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Annyeonghaseyo! Today I'm going to share something special with you. When traveling in a foreign country, it's always useful to know a few essential Korean words to be able to communicate. That's why I've prepared a list of basic Korean words that you may find useful when your trip to South Korea. Here's a list of 20 words to get you started.

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The 20 most useful words for South Korea

  1. Hello : Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)
  2. Goodbye : Annyeong (안녕)
  3. Thank you: Gamsahabnida (감사합니다)
  4. Sorry: Sillyehabnida (실례합니다)
  5. Please: Butakhaeyo (부탁해요)
  6. Yes : Do not (네)
  7. No : Aniyo (아니요)
  8. Excuse me: Joesonghabnida (죄송합니다)
  9. I don't get it: Ihaehaji motaetseumnida (이해하지 못했습니다)
  10. How are you? : Eotteohge jinaeseyo? (어떻게 지내세요?)
  11. My name is : Je ireumeun "Your name (제 이름은)
  12. I'm hungry: Baegopayo (배고파요)
  13. Where are the toilets? : Hwajangsili eodi isseoyo? (화장실이 어디 있어요?)
  14. How much does it cost? : Ige eolmayeyo? (이게 얼마예요?)
  15. Please help me: Dowajuseyo (도와주세요)
  16. I'm sorry: Mianhabnida (미안합니다)
  17. Where is it? : Ige eodi isseoyo? (이게 어디 있어요?)
  18. What is it? : Ige mwoyeyo? (이게 뭐예요?)
  19. I like this: Ige johayo (이게 좋아요)
  20. Cheers: Geonbae (건배)

Remember, practice makes perfect. So don't hesitate to repeat these words and phrases until they become natural to you. Enjoy your trip to South Korea!

Frequently asked questions about Korean words.

  1. Why learn Korean? Learning Korean can open up new professional, cultural and personal opportunities. It's also a way to better understand Korean culture and history.
  2. How do you translate the word What into Korean? "What" translates as "뭐" in Korean.
  3. Where can I learn Korean? There are many online resources and courses for learning Korean, including apps, websites, books and university programs.
  4. How do you say "how" in Korean? "How" translates as "어떻게" in Korean.
  5. What are some easy-to-learn Korean words? Some easy-to-learn Korean words include "안녕" (good morning), "감사합니다" (thank you), and "예" (yes).
  6. What are the basic Korean words? Basic Korean words you should know include greetings, numbers, days of the week, and common phrases like "Where are the toillettes?" and "How much does it cost?".
  7. How do I find the meaning of a Korean word? You can use an online dictionary or a translation application like Papago to find the meaning of a Korean word.
  8. How to translate it " Who" in Korean? "Which" translates as "누구" in Korean.
  9. Who can speak Korean? Anyone who has learned the Korean language can speak Korean. This includes people born and raised in Korea, as well as those who have learned Korean as a second language.
  10. how to translate itWhen" in Korean ? "When" translates as "언제" in Korean.

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