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Seoul, a metropolis brimming with history, culture and modernity, offers an unforgettable experience to all who tread its streets. A week in Seoul may seem like a short time, but with the right planning, every day can be an exceptional adventure. Follow our day-by-day guide to discover the wonders of Seoul and make your stay a memorable experience.

Day 1: Immersion in Korean history and culture

Morning: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Start your adventure by immersing yourself in Korean history at Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest of Seoul's five royal palaces. Take time to admire the magnificent buildings and lose yourself in the peaceful gardens. Don't miss the Changing of the Guard, a captivating traditional spectacle.

Afternoon: National Museum of Korea

After lunch, head for the National Museum of Korea. This museum, one of the largest in Asia, houses precious artifacts that tell the story of Korea, from prehistoric to modern times. It's a fascinating window on the country's rich cultural heritage.

Evening : Insadong district

End your day with a stroll through the Insadong district. This district is famous for its narrow streets lined with art, antique and tea stores. It's the ideal place to find unique souvenirs and sample Korean street food.

Day 2: Modern Seoul and shopping

Morning: Tour N Seoul

Start your second day with a visit to the N Seoul Tower, from where you can admire a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Climb to the top of this tower on Mount Namsan for an unforgettable experience.

Afternoon: Myeongdong

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Myeongdong, Seoul's shopping paradise. With its countless boutiques, street markets and department stores, Myeongdong is the place to go for fashion, cosmetics and gadgets. Don't miss the opportunity to try Korean street snacks, a veritable explosion of flavors.

Evening : Dongdaemun Design Plaza

For an evening of modernity and design, head to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). This futuristic cultural center is an architectural masterpiece that hosts art exhibitions, design boutiques and cultural events. A unique experience not to be missed.

Day 3: Nature exploration and relaxation

Morning: Bukhansan National Park

On the third day, escape the hustle and bustle of the city for an invigorating hike in Bukhansan National Park. Offering spectacular views over Seoul, this park is home to centuries-old Buddhist temples and diverse wildlife. Choose one of the many trails to suit your fitness level.

Afternoon: Traditional village of Bukchon Hanok

Return to town to visit the traditional village of Bukchon Hanok, a peaceful neighborhood of traditional Korean houses (hanoks). Stroll through the narrow streets and discover the history and unique architecture of these dwellings.

Evening : Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

End your day with a relaxing moment at Banpo Bridge, famous for its rainbow fountain. It's the perfect place for a romantic stroll at sunset, with the fountain's music and lights creating a magical spectacle.

Day 4: Art, Culture and Nightlife

Morning: Seoul Museum of Art

Start your day with a visit to the Seoul Museum of Art, where you can admire works of contemporary Korean and international art. The museum features fascinating temporary exhibitions as well as permanent collections.

Afternoon: Hongdae

In the afternoon, head to Hongdae, the young and dynamic district known for its artistic ambience, unique themed cafés and independent boutiques. It's also a great place to discover Seoul's underground music scene.

Evening: Itaewon

Spend your evening in Itaewon, Seoul's cosmopolitan district. With its many international bars, clubs and restaurants, Itaewon is perfect for a night of entertainment and meeting both locals and expats.

Photo nuit hongdae

Day 5: Gastronomy and shopping 

Morning: Gwangjang market

On the fifth day, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Gwangjang market. Famous for its street food, it's the ideal place to sample traditional Korean dishes such as bibimbap, buckwheat pancakes (bindaetteok) and kimchi.

Afternoon: Insadong and Samcheong-dong

Return to Insadong for further exploration, then continue to Samcheong-dong, a charming district with art galleries, souvenir stores and elegant cafés. Take advantage of this afternoon to buy traditional gifts and local works of art.

Evening : Cruise on the Han River

Conclude your day with a relaxing cruise on the Han River. It's a peaceful way to see Seoul from another angle, with breathtaking views of the city skyline. Night cruises offer a magical perspective with the lights of the city reflected on the water.


Day 6: Relaxation and Culture Day

Morning: Spa Jjimjilbang

Start your sixth day with a deeply relaxing experience in a jjimjilbang, a traditional Korean spa. This is the perfect opportunity to relax and revitalize with hot baths, saunas and beauty treatments. Dragon Hill Spa is one of the most famous and offers a variety of services.

Afternoon: COEX Mall and Starfield Library

After relaxing, head to COEX Mall, Asia's largest underground shopping mall. Don't miss the Starfield Library at the heart of the mall, a breathtaking space with thousands of books and modern architectural design. It's the perfect place for lovers of literature and architecture.

Evening : Gangnam

Explore the Gangnam district in the evening, world-famous for the song "Gangnam Style". Gangnam is a symbol of modernity and luxury, with its high-fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants and vibrant nightlife. It's the ideal place to experience Seoul's sophisticated nightlife.

Korean restaurant

Day 7: Goodbye Seoul

Morning: Yangjae Flower Market

On your last day, start with a morning visit to the Yangjae Flower Market, a colorful and fragrant place where you can admire a wide variety of flowers and plants. It's a wonderful way to start your day.

Afternoon: Hangang Park

Make the most of your last hours in Seoul by visiting Hangang Park. Rent a bike or take a walk along the Han River to soak up the picturesque views and relaxing atmosphere. It's also a popular place to picnic and watch the locals enjoy their free time.

Evening : Last Supper in Seoul

For your last evening, choose a special restaurant to say goodbye to Seoul in style. Whether it's a traditional Korean barbecue, a Michelin-starred restaurant or a small family-run inn, enjoy your meal as you reminisce about the wonderful times you've had in this incredible city.

The best time to visit Seoul is in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November), when the weather is pleasant and the scenery spectacular.
Seoul has a highly efficient public transport system, including subways, buses and cabs. The subway is often the fastest and cheapest way to get around.
It all depends on your travel style. Seoul can be explored on a budget, thanks to its economical dining options, varied accommodation and affordable public transport. However, allow a larger budget for shopping, paid attractions and culinary experiences.
Yes, more and more restaurants are offering vegetarian options. Street markets and cafés also offer a variety of vegetarian choices.
Popular souvenirs include Korean cosmetics, traditional Hanbok clothing, Korean tea, and various stationery and local handicrafts.

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