Yeouido Park

Nestled in the heart of Seoul, Yeouido Park is much more than just a green space. It's a true haven of peace, where lush nature, varied leisure activities and cultural events come together. Whether you're a resident of the capital or a tourist in search of tranquillity, Yeouido Park offers the ideal escape from the hectic pace of the city.

Yeouido Park, located on the eponymous island, is one of the most emblematic parks in Japan. Seoul. With its vast lawns, majestic trees and picturesque paths, it attracts millions of visitors every year in search of nature and serenity. The park is also a popular venue for outdoor events, concerts and festivals, including the famous Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival.

Why is Yeouido Park a must-see in Seoul?

Parc Yeouido is a must-see for several reasons. Firstly, its location makes it easily accessible for residents and tourists alike. Secondly, it offers a multitude of activities for all ages and tastes: picnics, bike rides, street performances and much more. Finally, its natural beauty and modern facilities make it the perfect place to relax and recharge.

How to get to Yeouido Park?

Yeouido Park is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest metro station is Yeouinaru (line 5), exit 2, which is just a few minutes' walk from the park. For those who prefer to come by car, there are several parking lots available, although these fill up quickly, especially at weekends and during special events.

Yeouido Park Main Attractions

The Han River: A breathtaking view

One of Yeouido Park's main attractions is undoubtedly the Han River. The park offers spectacular views of Seoul's iconic river, with landscaped walks along its banks where you can enjoy the cool breeze and picturesque scenery.

The Theme Gardens: A Botanical Journey

The park is home to a number of themed gardens showcasing Korea's botanical diversity. Among the most popular is the Four Seasons Garden, where visitors can admire a variety of flowers and plants according to the seasons.

Picnic areas: A gourmet's paradise

Yeouido is renowned for its vast lawns, perfect for picnics. Whether you prefer to bring your own lunch or buy snacks from one of the many food trucks, there's always a pleasant place to settle down and enjoy a meal al fresco.

Leisure Activities: For Young and Old

Yeouido Park offers a range of leisure activities, from bike rides to boat trips on the Han River. Families with children will particularly appreciate the playgrounds and tandem bike rentals.

Events and Festivals at Yeouido Park

The Cherry Blossom Festival: A Dazzling Spectacle

Every spring, Yeouido Park becomes the scene of a breathtaking natural spectacle: the cherry blossom. The festival attracts thousands of visitors who come to admire the blossoming trees and take part in the many activities organized for the occasion.

Concerts en Plein Air: Music Under the Stars

In summer, the park hosts a number of open-air concerts, allowing visitors to enjoy musical performances in an idyllic setting. These events are often free and feature a variety of local and international artists.

New Year's Eve: Magical Celebrations

In winter, the park is transformed into a fairytale setting with illuminated decorations and Christmas markets. Yeouido's festive season is an unforgettable experience, with shows, food stalls and activities for the whole family.

Practical tips for visiting Yeouido Park

When to Visit Yeouido Park: The Best Moments of the Year

Although the park is pleasant to visit all year round, certain periods are particularly recommended. Spring and autumn are ideal for enjoying mild temperatures and colorful landscapes. Summer is perfect for water sports and open-air concerts, while winter offers a unique festive atmosphere.

Preparing Your Visit: What to Bring

To make the most of your visit to Yeouido Park, it's a good idea to be well prepared. Bring a blanket for picnics, snacks and water. Remember to protect yourself from the sun with a hat and sunscreen in summer, and to dress warmly in winter.

Park Rules: What you need to know

Yeouido Park has a few rules to ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors. Pets must be kept on a leash, and fires are prohibited outside designated areas. What's more, the park encourages recycling and cleanliness, so be sure to dispose of your garbage in the garbage cans provided.

Yeouido Park is undoubtedly one of Seoul's jewels, offering a peaceful escape in the heart of the city. Whether you're a nature lover, picnic enthusiast or looking for a place to relax, Yeouido has something for everyone. Plan your visit today and discover why this park is a favorite of Seoul's residents and tourists alike.

The best way to get to Yeouido Park from central Seoul is to take subway line 5 to Yeouinaru station, exit 2. You can also take a cab or use the local bus services.

Yes, Yeouido Park is very child-friendly, with playgrounds, bike rentals and plenty of green space to run and play.


Yes, there are several restaurants, cafés and food trucks in the park, offering a variety of dishes and snacks to suit all tastes.

The park is largely accessible to people with reduced mobility, with paved paths and access ramps. However, some grassy areas may be more difficult to navigate.


Yes, it is possible to organize private events in certain areas of the park, but prior authorization must be obtained from the park authorities.


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Where is Yeouido Park located?

Yeouido Park is located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. More precisely, it's located on Yeouido Island, in the Yeongdeungpo-gu district. The exact address is: 330, Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

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