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Visit Gangnam Festival 2023 in Seoul, South Korea, is much more than just an annual gathering; it's an explosion of joy, culture and entertainment that lights up the city every year. Located in the emblematic GangnamThis festival is a vibrant tribute to Korea's musical and cultural heritage, embodying the very essence of the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, which has conquered the world through K-POP.

This year's festival promises an unparalleled experience, with a palette of events that goes far beyond music. From dazzling fashion shows and peaceful marathons to verdant concerts and exquisite culinary journeys, Gangnam Festival 2023 is a celebration of diversity and cultural innovation. It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the colorful, dynamic world of Gangnam and experience unforgettable moments under the twinkling lights of Seoul!

The Gangnam Festival: what is it?

The Gangnam Festival is an annual event that offers a variety of shows, from concertsfashion shows and sports activities. It's a unique opportunity to discover the richness of Korean culture, from K-POP music to culinary delights and avant-garde fashion.

What makes the Gangnam Festival so special?

The Gangnam Festival is much more than just an event. It symbolizes the harmony between tradition and modernity, reflecting the very essence of South Korea. It's a meeting place for culture lovers, foodies, music fans and fashionistas from all over the world.

This year's concerts will feature artists such as :

  1. aespa
  2. ATEEZ
  4. fromis_9
  6. STAYC
  7. IBA
Official' concert program

How to take part in the Gangnam Festival?

Participation in the festival is fairly straightforward. Some events require advance booking, while others are open to all. We recommend consulting the official festival program for more information on specific events and their requirements. Alternatively, if you're not on site, you can always watch the Gangnam Festival on the YouTube channel of KBS World TV.

Gangnam Festival 2023's Next Unmissable Events

1. Opening ceremony

  • Date : October 5
  • Location: Place K-POP COEX
  • Description : The opening ceremony marks the start of the festival with breathtaking performances and special guests. It's the perfect introduction to Gangnam's festive atmosphere.

2. Gangnam Fashion Festa

  • Date : October 6
  • Location: Starfield Library COEX Mall
  • Description : Festa de la Mode is a spectacular fashion show featuring the creations of renowned and emerging designers. It's a unique opportunity to discover South Korean fashion trends.

3. Green Concert at Maru Park

  • Date : October 7
  • Location: In front of the Libera Hotel, Yeongdong-daero
  • Description : Concert Vert is an open-air musical event celebrating the harmony between man and nature. Varied performances and soothing melodies create a magical atmosphere.

4. International Peace Marathon

  • Date : October 9th
  • Location: In front of Samsung 1-dong Community Center, Bongeunsa-ro
  • Description : The International Peace Marathon is an iconic race that promotes peace and unity. Participants can experience sportsmanship and camaraderie while exploring the lively streets of Gangnam.


Gangnam Festival 2023 is a cultural event not to be missed in South Korea. Whether you're a music lover, a fashion enthusiast, a sports fan, or simply curious about Korean culture, this festival has something for everyone. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Gangnam!

Don't forget to check our blog regularly for more information and tips on South Korea, and don't hesitate to share your experiences and questions in the comments below. See you soon in the lively streets of Gangnam!


What are the other Gangnam Festival events?

The festival also features K-POP concerts, culinary journeys to COEXand a variety of shows to suit all tastes and ages.

Is the Gangnam Festival free?

Some festival events are free and open to all, while others may require a reservation or ticket purchase.

How to get to the Gangnam Festival

We recommend using public transport such as the metro or bus to get to the festival, due to the large crowds.

Does the festival offer activities for children?

Yes, the Gangnam Festival offers a variety of activities and events suitable for children and families.

Can I buy souvenirs at the festival?

You bet! The festival has plenty of stalls and stores where you can buy souvenirs and local produce.

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