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It's possible to travel in South Korea without breaking the bank! In this guide, we share tips and links to help you make the most of your Korean adventure while keeping your budget in check.

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Online banking

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Phone package in South Korea!

Korean Sim Card

To get 4G in Korea and unlimited Data! (and a superb transport card for getting around Seoul)

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FAQ : Good Plans South Korea !

What is the average cost of a flight to South Korea?

Flight prices to South Korea vary according to season, origin and airline. On average, expect to pay between 500 and 1,200 euros for a return flight from Europe.

How to find affordable hotels in South Korea?

Use hotel comparison sites such as Agoda or Booking.com. Look for options outside the major cities, or consider guesthouses or hanoks (traditional houses) for a more authentic and economical experience.

Are there any discounts or tourist passes available to save on transport costs and admission to attractions?

Yes, the Korea Tour Card offers discounts on public transport, restaurants and attractions. There's also the Discover Seoul Pass, which offers free access or discounts to over 30 attractions in Seoul.

Can you recommend any lesser-known places to visit in South Korea?

Explore regions such as Gangwon province for its magnificent natural landscapes, or visit the historic city of Gyeongju. Jeju Island is also a gem for those looking to get off the beaten track.

Any tips for saving money on food when traveling to South Korea?

Eating like a local is the best way to save money. Street markets and small restaurants offer delicious, affordable meals. Avoid touristy areas for more economical options.

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