Pop-Up Stores NewJeans in Seoul : Complete Guide

Newjeans and behind the pop-up store

Why are NewJeans Pop-Up Stores in Seoul a must?

Are you planning a trip to South Korea and are you a fan of K-pop? Then you can't miss NewJeans pop-up stores in Seoul ! These ephemeral boutiques are much more than just a place to shop; they're an experience in their own right. In this article, we'll explore what makes these pop-up stores so special and why they should be on your list of things to do in Seoul.

NewJeans: Who are they and why the Buzz?

Newjeans Spotify

NewJeans is a K-pop girl group that recently released their second EP, "Get Up (2023)". The group has also collaborated with digital platform IPX to create individual digital characters. These characters are inspired by their iconic mascot "Tokki" (which means rabbit in Korean). You may be asking yourself, "Why should I care about any of this?" Well, these characters are an integral part of the pop-up store experience. In fact, I can't wait to see them in Concert in South Korea but we're still waiting for a date...

Another activity to do in Seoul if you like KPOP:

Products: Merchandising Madness

NewJeans pop-up stores aren't just places to buy albums and posters. You'll find a diverse range of merchandise, including everyday items like AirPod cases and baseball caps. There are also collectibles such as key rings, photo albums and plush toys. And guess what? These adorable little rabbits, known as "bunini", are everywhere!

The products available in these stores are not to be outdone. Items such as bunini key-rings and phone handles sold out in less than 20 minutes during the worldwide online pre-order phase. It's a testament to the passion that surrounds these charming creations.

Locations: Hongdae and Gangnam

NewJeans pop-up stores are currently located in Seoul's Hongdae and Gangnam districts, and each offers a unique experience that goes far beyond shopping. Hongdae, with its vibrant art scene and trendy cafés, offers a romantic, dreamy ambience inspired by the latest NewJeans EP. Imagine entering a world that resembles a music album, with photo zones and artistic displays inspired by NewJeans' visual concept, including their "Bunny Beach Bag" album package.

On the other hand, the LINE FRIENDS from Gangnam has been transformed into a veritable "Powerpuff Girls" paradise. The venue is adorned with a larger-than-life bunini statue and oversized balloons representing NewJeans' "Powerpuff Girls" interpretations. It's a veritable playground for photo opportunities, which fans enthusiastically share on social networks.

But that's not all! NewJeans members themselves made surprise appearances at both locations, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonated throughout the city. Images of NewJeans members having fun in the stores LINE FRIENDS quickly went viral, amplifying the frenzy and attracting even more fans to these already bustling venues.

So, if you're wondering where to go first between Hongdae and Gangnam, why not do both? Each location offers a unique experience that will plunge you deeper into the world of NewJeans.

Address of the Newjeans pop-up store in Hongdae

South Korea Seoul Mapo-gu Donggyo-dong 160-5 1-2층

Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Address of the Newjeans pop-up store in Gangnam

South Korea Seoul Seocho-gu Gangnam-daero 437

Open from 12am to 11pm

Video of the Pop-Up store in Hongdae

Tiktok bustylina01

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Future pop-ups in other countries?

If you can't make it to Seoul anytime soon, don't worry. There are plans to extend the pop-up store concept to other regions, including the USA, China, Japan and parts of Southeast Asia. So keep an eye out for future announcements!


When did the NewJeans pop-up stores open in Seoul?

They opened on August 11, 2023.

What kind of products can I find in these pop-up stores?

You can find cases for AirPods, baseball caps, key chains, photo albums and plush toys.

Where are NewJeans pop-up stores located in Seoul?

They are located in the Hongdae and Gangnam districts.

Will there be other NewJeans pop-up stores in other countries?

Yes, there are plans to extend the concept to other regions, including the USA, China, Japan and parts of Southeast Asia.

What makes these pop-up stores so special?

They offer a unique experience that goes beyond simply buying products. You can immerse yourself in the world of NewJeans and even purchase exclusive merchandise.

NewJeans pop-up stores in Seoul offer a unique experience for fans and travelers alike. Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering NewJeans, these ephemeral boutiques are a must on your trip to South Korea. So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit now!

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