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Planning a trip to South Korea can be exciting but also daunting, especially when it comes to managing a budget. Whether you're planning a week-long getaway or a more extended stay, understanding the costs involved is essential for a stress-free trip. This article guides you through the various financial aspects of a trip to South Korea, for durations of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months.

Travel to South Korea: Budget for a week


For a week in South Korea, the choice of accommodation varies greatly according to your budget:

  • Cheap hotel Approx. €46 per night for a double room.
  • Mid-range hotel Foresee around €84 per night.
  • Upmarket hotel Rates start at €200 per night.


Eating out in South Korea can be surprisingly affordable:

  • Meals in a mid-range restaurant Approx. €15.3.
  • Fast-food menu Around €4.4.
  • Coffee and beverages A local beer costs around €2.7.


  • Public transport A metro or bus ticket costs around €0.89.
  • Cab : The charge is around €2.3, with €0.55 per additional kilometer.

Leisure activities

  • Admission to tourist sites Varies, but often between €5 and €15 for the main sites.

Estimated daily budget

Considering accommodation, food, transport and a few activities, a reasonable daily budget could be around €71 per person.

Travel to South Korea: Budget for two weeks

Reproduce the daily budget for one week over two weeks, but consider renting an apartment or room via rental platforms to reduce accommodation costs. In addition, purchasing a transport pass can also reduce travel expenses.

Travel to South Korea: Budget for one month

Long-term accommodation

  • Apartment rental : A studio in the city center can cost around €418 per month.

Food budget

  • Shopping and home cooking Using local markets and cooking at home can significantly reduce your food costs.


  • Monthly transport pass Approx. €38, ideal for frequent travel.

Monthly budget management

If we include cost-saving practices such as home cooking and the use of public transport, the monthly budget for one person can vary between €900 and €1,200, depending on lifestyle.

Travel to South Korea: Budget for three months

For a three-month stay, it's a good idea to explore even more economical accommodation options and take advantage of discounted rates for long-term activities. You can also negotiate prices for recurring courses or activities.


Planning a budget for a trip to South Korea largely depends on your personal preferences, travel style and length of stay. By carefully planning every aspect and making economical choices, you can take full advantage of South Korea's cultural richness and natural beauty without breaking the bank.

For those looking for more in-depth experiences or extended stays, it's crucial to incorporate a flexible and open approach to maximize both experience and budget efficiency. Enjoy your trip!

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